Agrucultural and forestry equipment

Design and development of agricultural machinery

Designs involving ergonomics

Examples of product development projects

  • Design of an attraction “Lift to Australia” to AHHAA centre.
  • Design and development of outdoor grills
  • Development of automatic cabinet door
  • Design of seats for planetarium
  • Design of roof hatch with an electric drive
  • Expert opinion and risk assessment of peat manufacturing machinery.
  • Development of hempseed crushing and sorting process.
  • Design of electric scooter frame.
  • Design and development of a family of agricultural tractor trailers.
  • Development of motorcycle stand
  • Design of a vapour generator.
  • Design of a planetary transmission.
  • Engineering of a fume hood.
  • Engineering of sensor housing.
  • Development of portable pipe winch.
  • Design and manufacturing of a hydraulic module press.
  • Design of a bed frame machine
  • Drive for rammer
  • Development of grain sorter

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